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EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT: I hereby certify that the hours shown hereon were worked by me during the week ending and were certified by an authorized representative of the Customer. I under-stand that I am to contact the Apartment Solutions, Inc. office after completing this assignment to dicuss another assignment.I understand and acknowledge that Elfail to do so, Apartment Solutions, Inc. may assume that have voluntarily quit without good cause associated with work and that such a voluntary quit may result in my being denied unemployment benefits. understand it is solely my responsibility to verify. Apartment Solutions, Inc. has received an authorized copy of each week's time.

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CLIENT AGREEMENT: By execution of this form Client certifies that the employee's hours shown on this time sheet are correct and that the work was done satisfactorily. Hours in excess or forty (40) hours per week, or eight (8) hours per day will be billed at time and ono-half. Client agrees to the Terms of Service on the reverse side of this form.

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