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    2. EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT: I hereby certify that the hours shown hereon were worked by me during the week ending and were certified by an authorized representative of the Customer. Tunder-stand that I am to contact the Apartment Solutions, Inc. office after completing this assignment to dicusss another assignment. I understand and acknowledge that if I fail to do so, Apartment Solutions, Inc. may assume that I have voluntarily quit without good cause associated with work and that such a voluntary quit may result in my being denied unemployment benefits. I understand it is solely my responsibility to verify. Apartment Solutions, Inc. has received an authorized copy of each week's time.

    3. Community ManagerAssistant Community ManagerLeasing ConsultantLead MaintenanceMaintenance W/EpaMake ReadyGroundskeeperHousekeeper
    Four (4) hours per day minimum
    Day - 1
    Day - 2
    Day - 3
    Day - 4
    Day - 5
    Day - 6