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Description of postions

Property Manager

On-site position that has the primary responsibility for the day to day operations of the apartment community. This positfon may just supervise other on-site personnel but may also handle all aspects of leasing and bookkeeping as well.

Assistant Manager

An assistant property manager supports the lead property manager of a residential or commercial development, overseeing financial and marketing business while also interacting with renters. The assistant property manager job description contains a variety of different responsibilities.

Leasing Consultant

On-site position that handles all leasing aspects for the apartment community and does not handle supervisory duties or work on any property management computer programs, i.e. Rent Roll, AMSI, ext.

Lead Maintenance (HVAC CERTIFIED)

This position accepts primary responsibility for all maintanance at an apartment community. This position handles supervision of other maintenance postiions.

Specialized Maintenance

Includes any area that special skill is needed. For example, chiller systems, A/C on the roof, ext.

Rehalibilitation Maintanence

Position that specializes in units that are undergoing major upgrades and/or changes.

Assistant Maintenance

Position that accepts primary responsibility for all maintenance on an apartment community when the Lead Maintenance is not available. Duties may also include completing work orders, apartment make-readies and pool maintenance.

Make Ready

On-site position that acts primarily to ready apartments for move-in and does not work in occupied apartments.


Position that primarily works on grounds and routine common areas.


Position that acts primarily to ready and clean vacant apartments for move in.

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Our EXPERIENCED and TRAINED PERSONNEL are available for daily, weekly or monthly assignments.

Temporary Help

Our experienced and trained personnel are available for daily, weekly or monthly assignments. Whether you need help for sick or vacationing personnel; or someone to handle an overload of work … JUST CALL US! A 48 hour notice is suggested, but not required.

This “no fee” plan is available, but requires the accumulation of 240 hours in six consecutive weeks.

Temp to Hire Plan

This “no fee” plan is available, but requires the accumulation of 160 hours in 4 consecutive weeks. At such time, you may transfer this person to your payroll without a placement fee.

Let one our experts from the industry evaluate your personnel.

Full Time Placement

Whether you are searching confidentially or just want to reach a pool of individuals who are not openly searching, CALL US! Give us the details and requirements, such as CAM certified, HVAC certified, live on-site requirement, ext. and we will take it from there. For your convenience and security, a 90 day employment guarantee is available.

What our employees say:

Louann b (MD)

Louann b (MD)

Apartment Solutions has great customer service. There is always work avalaible. I love you guys. Thank you for all that you do.

Catara t (Management Division)

Catara t (Management Division)

I enjoy working for Apartment Solutions, Inc because they have been more than just an employer to me. I love working with this company. The staff is professional, welcoming and absoluetly respectful.

Eric f (Maintenance Division)

Eric f (Maintenance Division)

Apartment Solutions placed me at a job within one day. The staff is helpful in all areas. I couldn’t ask for a better place to work. Thank You Apartment Solutions

Jose g (Maintenance division)

Jose g (Maintenance division)

I enjoy working for apartment solutions. Inc. They are always very friendly and always find work for me. Best staffing agency in San Antonio

Jacob t (Maintenance Division)

Jacob t (Maintenance Division)

I enjoy working for Apartment Solutions because they have made me excel in certain areas of my life that I never thought I could reach. Shout out to Natalie for being the most understanding, kind boss anyone could ask for. She really cares about the employees. I am grateful to work for this company. Thanks

Personnel Payroll Plan

There may be times that you may want to locate and interview the people on your own. or you already know who they are- but you may want or need to avoid hiring permanent employees. Apartment Solutions, Inc. personnel payroll plan provides a practical solution for this situation. You simply coordinate your selection process with us and Apartment Solutions, Inc. becomes the hiring entity and the employer. Our Personnel Payroll Plan can also be a no-risk element integrated into your hiring process. By using an unproven candidate as an employee on our payroll for their trial period, you can evaluate their skills and protect your unemployment insurance experience rating by eliminating the hire-fire cycle.